AUDIOBOOK: "Mark Twain and The Mississippi River"

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About this Audiobook

In this audiobook, you will discover the many ways that the Mississippi River influenced Mark Twain's life, career, and writings. Mark Twain represents such an iconic portrayal of the Mississippi River. His formative childhood was along the banks of the Mississippi River. He trained and earned his license as a Mississippi River steamboat pilot. He wrote so much and so eloquently about this era. Later in life, Twain declared that working as a riverboat pilot was the career he had loved the best.

Twain's perspective is intriguing. His wit is wry. His language is divine. Enjoy learning more about this fascinating aspect of Twain's life and career.

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"My husband told me if he had attended a history class in high school given by someone like you, he probably would have gone on to become a history teacher." – Joy Snider, Garden City ID
"Thank you for adding so much pleasure and enjoyment (as well as information)!" – Sarah Moore, Lynchburg VA
"Your info about the river and your fun presentations and energy DID make it wonderful." – Joyce Orrand, Fairview TN

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  • Enjoy fascinating true stories in about an hour.

  • Enjoy fascinating true stories in about an hour.
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AUDIOBOOK: "Mark Twain and The Mississippi River"

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